Let me start by saying that I’m not crazy. Many people are going full freak out and are washing produce with soap, using disinfecting sprays or wipes on groceries, and not using anything for days after it’s brought in from “the outside.” I’m not doing all of that, but I am taking precautions that I …


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Venturing out.

Safeway pickup was less than smooth. Arrived at around 4pm after the 3pm pickup window opened and found a complete lack of social distancing happening at the pickup spots. Safeway says you just drive up, pop the trunk, call a posted number, and wait for someone to come load your groceries in the back. No … Continue reading Venturing out.

Social Distancing

“Social distancing” is the thing right now. Governments all over the world are telling everyone to stay away from each other – at least 6 feet. We’re going outside once a day for walks around the neighborhood and are keeping a wide berth from other people walking around too. It’s becoming increasingly stressful to spend … Continue reading Social Distancing

Goodbye, Charlie

After about 13 or 14 years of a pretty great life, we had to put Charlie down today. His health had been deteriorating slowly over the past year after a bout of nosebleeds that started last July and never really stopped. I opted not to have definitive diagnostic testing done and just accepted the medical … Continue reading Goodbye, Charlie