Goodbye, Charlie

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Charlie”

  1. The guilt part never goes away. I still lie awake at night anxious over what I could have done differently to extend my horse’s life (I had her for over 20 years). I go over all the wrong decisions I made and wish I could go back and revise. To get over it I just remember that, bottom line, she was suffering at the time and this was the best choice I could make for her at that moment. Maybe realizing that we all feel this guilt and self-doubt is just part of human nature and that it isn’t indicative of any actual bad choices can be some sort of comfort. xoxo


    1. Thanks, Tammy. I have never been the one that has been responsible for making the call, so it was super tough – especially for what was also my first pet from moving out on my own. I remember reading about you and having to put your horse down and it tore me up. I knew that some day I would have to make the same call. But you’re right, it’s something that we did what’s best for the pets we loved so that they wouldn’t suffer. I think that it is all part of human nature, and just goes to show how deeply we really cared for these members of our family.


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